Our Services

Kibernum Service Offerings

From design to deployment, we world-class software development consulting services for US-based clients.

Leverage the power of the cloud for efficient computing, anywhere. We offer deep expertise in Cloud Migration, Multi-tiered Support, Mobile/Desktop/Web/Server Application Maintenance, and talented bug-fix resources teams.

QA Automation, also known as Test Automation, is the process of automating manual software testing tasks using specialized software tools and frameworks. 

Digital transformation is a foundational change in how a business delivers value to its customers. Tap our expertise to digitize and automate workflow and/or customer touchpoints to enhance.

Internet of Things (iot)

Employing Internet connectivity for devices allows you to build in exciting new functionality for communication, data collection, interactivity and remote monitoring and control.

Big Data

Expand your traditional data sets by tapping into available social media data, browser logs, sensor data and more to gain better understanding of customer behaviors and preferences to drive higher engagement and a better overall customer experience.


Unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data with a near-zero management platform that delivers virtually unlimited scale and concurrency. Gain a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds to execute diverse analytic workloads wherever data lives or wherever users are located.

We could go on mentioning the wide range of technologies we work with, but we think it’s better to talk about the benefits and value we can bring to your business.

Digital transformation requires a team who can think AND do.

Let us be your outsource technology partner.