QA Automation

Increase Testing Efficiency:

QA Automation, also known as Test Automation, is the process of automating manual software testing tasks using specialized software tools and frameworks. The goal of QA Automation is to increase testing efficiency, reduce human errors, and improve software quality.

Methods of Testing:

At Kibernum, we have the talent to help reduce mistakes and improve deliverables on application software. In QA Automation, our testers write scripts or code to simulate user actions and interactions with the application software being tested. This automation can cover a wide range of testing activities, such as functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and security testing.

Knowledgeable QA Team:

Having a knowledgeable QA team is essential for ensuring the quality of software products. At Kibernum, with their understanding of programming languages, software development methodologies, testing frameworks, and tools, the Kibernum QA team can perform a wide range of testing activities, including unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, and performance testing.

Kibernum’s knowledge of programming languages enables them to read and understand the codebase of the software product they are testing. This understanding can help them identify potential bugs or areas of the code that may be prone to issues.

Their knowledge of software development methodologies, such as Agile or Waterfall, allows the Kibernum QA team to collaborate effectively with developers and ensure that testing is integrated into the development process.

Overall, Kibernum QA team’s diverse skill set can help ensure that the client’s software product is thoroughly tested and meets the highest quality standards.

Software Development Life Cycle:

QA Automation is an important part of the software development life cycle and is often integrated with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes. At Kibernum, it helps to identify and fix issues early in the development process, reduce testing time and cost, and improve the overall quality of the software product.

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