January is National Mentoring Month in the U.S.A. Let’s celebrate Kibernum IT Academy and how it helps our clients bring their companies to the next level

KIBERNUM Digital IT Academy closed 2022 with more than 8,000 certified students. ​This area added more than 18,000 hours of training last year, exceeding by more than 11,000 hours the record of the previous year and with more than 380 courses completed.

Learning new computer skills and tools is an increasingly important market trend. The digitalization of many processes has allowed companies and talent to reinvent themselves through new knowledge in the IT space.

KIBERNUM IT Academy verified this preference counting 8,271 trained students during the year, which is equivalent to almost a thousand more people than in 2021 – an increase of 11% which is not a small thing when we understand that the trend to manage and protect data were the priorities of the market during 2022.

The areas of banking and retail are the ones that have invested the most in terms of time training their digital talent, in these and other areas. Other industries are experiencing the digital#evolution and leaping to join this trend, such as the health sector where KIBERNUM IT Academy trained 3,700 students for the first time during 2022.

Finally, during the past year, 384 courses were completed at our academy, accounting for 18,565 hours of training, versus 7,547 during 2021, promoting digital evolution and delivering knowledge that allows reducing the talent gap in the world