We create a favorable environment so that each partner and ally feels inspired and promotes digital evolution from their path. We feel the task of democratizing technological knowledge of our own, through collaborative work, so we open ourselves to everyone, who feels part of it and wants to join us in this role.


What is the OHD?

The OHD, Digital Human Capital Observatory, is an open and collaborative space, whose mission is to provide a better understanding of the digital skills that we need to build a new collective ethic of human well-being.

It is an invitation to design cultural transformations, learning plans and lifestyle decisions in today’s world.

It is a commitment to give life purpose to the incorporation of digital talent for the development of our world.

Main Challenges

Quality assurance

Be a reference in terms of knowledge of the Digital Human Capital in America.


Help the development of the Digital Transformation ecosystem in Latam, as well as working collaboratively with the main actors of such ecosystem.


Shorten the knowledge gap and improve the conditions and possibilities for the development of Digital Human Capital in Latam & US. ​

Hubs of action and Scope

Studies, Publications & articles

Webinars, & talks

OHD Members

Collaboration is essential and adds value to our purpose of generating knowledge related to the digital talent. To do this, Kibernum, in alliance with the Human Vision Consultant, convened the main players in our industry, with whom we kicked off this initiative called OHD.


Today, we count with ACTI, ENDEAVOR, TALENTO DIGITAL, MI VOZ, and FEDERICO SANTA MARÍA UNIVERSITY as part of our “Partners Circle”, a space that fosters interaction, the possibility of bringing hypotheses and related topics of IT professionals of our country and where the topics of the studies to be carried out are evaluated and instances of networking and collaboration are generated.

Here you can download the OHD Studies.

Lifestyle & the pandemic effect of IT Talent


Where do the IT Talent wish to work?


Digital Transformation with the people at its core


Are you an IT professional?

Do you have some questions about OHD? Get in contact with us ohd@kibernum.com​

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