Dev Ops & Software Maintenance

Cloud Migration & Development:

Leverage the power of the cloud for efficient computing, anywhere. Our expert cloud migration teams will construct a cloud computing solution to cover a wide range of projects, including:

• Migration
• DevOps
• Development

Multi-Tiered Support & Development:

Standard Bug Fixes
Adhoc Troubleshooting
Server Administration & System Upgrades
Legacy Migrations
Application & System Auditing
Improve API Functionality

Mobile Application Maintenance:

Mobile Application Maintenance
Improve UX/UI
Regulatory Compliance
• Integrated Database & Application Support
• User Base Scalability

Software Maintenance:

Testing & Debugging
Database Maintenance
Real-time Monitoring & Analysis
Improve UX/UI
Regulatory Compliance

Benefits of Kibernum’s Software Maintenance Team:

  • Increased Productivity: Deploying a dedicated service provider for Software Maintenance ensures legacy applications are maintained properly with high SLA’s.
  • Supporting Innovation: Free up inhouse resources so they can work on innovative products and services. This also enhances productivity across your IT department.
  • Scalability: A dedicated Software Maintenance team can give your organization increased scalability by increasing or decreasing capacity as needed.
  • Diversified Talent Pool: Software Maintenance resources can impact an organization when internal resources leave for other opportunities (inside and outside the company). Kibernum offers a large pool of resources that can quickly address Software Maintenance programs.

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