Challenges and Solutions in Talent Acquisition

If you are seeking to hire qualified talents, then you already know the pain points associated with the recruitment task at hand. As unfilled job positions and lackluster hires can cost your organization tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on just one hire, HR and TA teams are facing increased pressure to find suitable talent. To […]

Ways to Create Meaning for IT talent

At present and due to the high rotation rate of personnel in the sector of IT development. Generating meaning in the work of our talents will be one of the best ways to retain them and maintain their motivation. Back in 2018, the Harvard Business Review explained how nine out of 10 people were willing […]

IT Nearshore outsourcing and its benefits for US companies

In this edition, we will review the challenges faced by leaders of software development projects and the changes in the market that have led many companies to look for ways to optimize costs while maintaining high-quality standards. What is nearshore outsourcing? Nearshore service outsourcing is the practice of getting work or services done by people […]