Why IT companies should integrate business sustainability?

Why IT companies should integrate business sustainability?

Promote corporate sustainability means not only promote measures of corporate social responsibility or care of the environment but also develop actions that will generate economic benefits in the organization, such as cost reduction and increased profitability.


Slowly, Chilean companies have incorporated these concepts into their corporate strategies and IT industry has been no exception. However, many of the measures taken by this sector would still insufficient and would be limited only to symbolic actions, which have failed to generate big changes within companies.


“The IT industry perceives itself as a low environmental impact and, therefore, feel that this is an issue somewhat alien to his work, which has been limited rather to perform symbolic actions in the fields of measurement carbon footprint and recycling, “says Aldo Cerda, VP Corporate and Commercial Affairs of Santiago Climate Exchange (SCX).


He adds that while effective that companies in the sector have less environmental impact (lower carbon footprint, lower water footprint, among others), there are steps to implement this industry Ought to fully integrate sustainability into the business and seize opportunities.


“In a simple equation, there are at least 25% -30% of energy costs, logistics and others that can be optimized, reducing impacts and costs for both companies,” explains Cerda.


Thus level data centers and car service, slated to proliferate spare parts for equipment of high efficiency and lower emissions, plus the introduction of measures to help communities perceive IT companies as “partners for change” .


Eduardo Avaria, Civil Engineer in UTFSM, it is important to “promote resource savings through good practices in the office, along with policies automation and remote working to avoid the various waste a business produces.”


To do this, you must define and document processes, from the operational point of view, and determine the points where they can be implemented more efficient practices. This will not only reduce costs, but also to identify future threats and increase the happiness of employees and the community where the company develops.


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