What are the soft skills that require IT professionals?

What are the soft skills that require IT professionals?



Companies are no longer valuing these specialists only for their technical skills, but have skills that allow them to face challenges such as teamwork and conflict management.


IT professionals are no longer being assessed solely on their technical skills or specialized knowledge in certain areas. Many businesses are becoming more demanding when hiring, demanding profiles prepared not only for the effective development of tasks, but to face other challenges own workplace and teamwork or conflict management.

“There is no doubt that today the soft skills are becoming a filter when selecting IT staff,” says Gilmar Franchini, Unit Training Manager Kibernum.

These skills are primarily related to communication, leadership, conflict management, teamwork and empathy. And for Jorge Villalón, PhD and professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Science at the University Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI), the latter two are key because “IT is by far the area that requires a connection with people, from the users in the same company to customers. Thus an IT professional should deeply understand the needs of people in day to day. ”

Paola Avila, a psychologist at the University of Chile and specialist in recruitment, consistent with Villalón noting that skills such as empathy are those that enable professionals in the area “positively relate to others and better understand the needs of customers “.

How can empower
While experts agree that much of the IT professionals lack soft skills, because there is a clear emphasis on the development of technical skills in their training, these skills “can be enhanced through training that addressed through appropriate and in a form that allows effective learning methodologies, “says Franchini.

According to Avila, these skills can also push through moments of relaxation and socialization, inside or outside the office, “where the possibility that professionals are familiar with the internal customer and the relationship goes from being there merely need to solve a problem, the emergence of a mutual interest in establishing a relationship of more social character. ”

To Villalón, meanwhile, soft skills can be encouraged through workshops carried out within the company, pursuing a Diploma or Master in Personal or coaching, or practicing them in the same organization.

“This should be as simple, since all work of an IT professional is related to a user or customer. The first step is to find out who the user / client, request a meeting and simply ask: how can I help you using technology to make your work better, “says the academician of the UAI.

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