Social Business: How internal networks can enhance the competitiveness of the company?

Social Business: How internal networks can enhance the competitiveness of the company?


The term “Social Business” talks about the impact that Web 2.0 tools and social media on businesses. It refers to a broad vision of communication and personal relationships established in all areas of an organization. It involves a new relationship that all departments have the tools of social communication, both internal and externally.


Social Enterprise: It uses data from social, mobile and cloud technologies to communicate, collaborate and create an ecosystem that align their business goals with social networking tools.
Growth: is expected to increase by 250% in three years, which shows signs of rapid progress of the phenomenon. It grows in all sectors, although it leads the entertainment industry, media and publishing, followed by technology.
Benefits: Improves motivation and work environment. Allowed to speak a common language, strengthens the reputation of the organization, increase employee productivity and creates deeper relationships with “stakeholders” customers, employees, partners and suppliers. It gives it accelerates business agility with information and knowledge to anticipate and address evolving opportunities. It allows for greater transparency as it eliminates the limits of information.
Projections: It will be important to the success of organizations face the transition to social enterprises. The Social Enabled Enterprise Oracle says that 72% of executives believe that leverage social media will be very important in order to obtain success for their organizations in the future
Earnings: A study by Forrester, the Social Business is a business of 6,400 million dollars in 2016, while in 2010 represented 600 million.
What is HOLA?

Philip Silberstein, co-founder of Digital Marketing Agency RayaLab explains that “The Social Business is to change the way two-way communication, where everyone can comment. HOLA is a great example. ”

HOLA is the first internal social network in Chile and Kibernum one of the first companies to implement. “It is a platform dynamics of interaction to which you are adding applications to the needs of the same company. It Kibernum workers can follow friends, create discussion groups, information and review of major corporate events, sell or buy items, share interesting news or get to know your co-workers and those who do not know. The goal is to create a connection with all other kibernautas whose geographical limitations, you can not interact, “says Silberstein, who currently implements HOLA in Kibernum.
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