Outsourcing, an important source of added value, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation

Outsourcing, an important source of added value, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation



More and more companies have chosen to incorporate your business service outsourcing due to the evolution of this industry and sophistication of services, which undoubtedly has an impact on the efficiency and delivering value to the products by companies working with this system.


In these times, it can be considered a successful business if the company has the ability to respond timely to the requirements and needs of its clients. In this regard, outsourcing is presented as an important tool that enables companies to provide an efficient service without the need to implement non-profitable areas in the organization.

It is possible that companies of all sizes and items make use of outsourcing service, but are found in stages of growth that are more likely to incorporate these strategies, since contracting this service can be a contribution to a company that does not have the technical capacity to meet the new demands of their customers while contributing to lighten the workload within the company.

As a business strategy, outsourcing or outsourcing is an important source of added value, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation, allowing organizations to have access to greater specialization in the areas of your business that are not part of the core of it.

It was in the 70s when outsourcing gained momentum, because during that period the greatest technological advances began. The rapid development of new technologies meant a cost for companies in specialization and updating and not having the resources to take on these costs, businesses should look for other alternatives and chose to hire specific services to meet their needs.

Currently, many companies have chosen to incorporate your business service outsourcing due to its evolution and sophistication of services, especially in the field of information technology, where demand has been growing significantly in various industries.

For Raul Maffel, service manager SEGA Kibernum, outsourcing plays a key to the growth of a business role. “Companies have a reason to be growing and increasingly require more administrative support platform, especially services that are alien to them because they are not their business, but who are need to worry. In this case, the outsourcing companies are responsible for them and thus enable companies to focus their resources on growing, which can be achieved quickly. ”

Outsourcing and innovation

Innovaxxion is a company dedicated to creating, structuring and implementing solutions and projects based on technology, processes and applied engineering. Works with a network of providers called ‘estratégicos’ partners who are other companies that help develop technological and innovative products, thereby allowing lower production costs, operational improvements, technologies that are disruptive and change the way they make a thing for another much more efficient.

“We are associated with a wide network of companies, research centers and professional excellence, allowing us to develop unique solutions of high technical complexity for our customers in the mining, energy and technology in Latin America,” says Pablo Suarez, Partner founder and Managing Innovation Innovaxxion.

Companies like Innovaxxion have opted for a type of outsourcing is emerging strongly in industries related to the field of innovation, being closely related to the idea of ​​cluster, which allows more flexible and develop a model for more efficient work.

In the words of Pablo Suárez, this service can significantly improve the efficiency of the organization, as corporate partners “help us load reduction of fixed cost, you avoid having an area of ​​complete IT makes it possible to integrate knowledge from other companies, that is, a knowledge network or articulation of value, allowing us to do things we could not do alone, “says Pablo Suarez.

The efficiency of outsourcing

Another example of how procurement outsourcing services helps improve company efficiency and thus business growth is the Mutual Security, an organization that has a mixed model where all IT services oriented operation are administered operated internally and externally.

Mutual Security, in their years of service to businesses and their workers, has been commissioned to provide protection against occupational risks by promoting environments safe work, quality of life to people and having as its mission to promote a culture of safety and healthy life community.

Pamela Maldonado, Deputy Manager of Information Technology in Mutual Security, tells us that “the main benefits of hiring outsourcing services have to do with time giving us to devote ourselves to contribute to the strategy of the organization and innovate, thus analyze resources to generate value to customers. ”

Another important contribution to the efficiency and profitability of the business is cost, with an estimated reduction between 30% and 60% in technology costs that can be achieved with outsourcing service. Today if companies had to have one or more specialists for each technology they have, they would have very skilled people and knowledge constantly updated, because the technology is advancing very fast.

However, in hiring an outsourcing provider, Pamela Maldonado warns that “Today you can find a low-cost outsourcing, but finally it must ensure the quality of services. You can not leave these services externally if good agreements were not performed and there is no control of these because they may not be able to meet the target: how to generate value to the organization. ”

The main tools or outsourcing services that improve efficiency in the company are operational, that is, those that generate value within the organization. It would be strange implement outsourcing when you’re starting a project related to customers. He explains Pamela Maldonado, because “the knowledge we should have with the company and with customers is the value that you really generate, so in everything related to the operation is where the greatest value is generated with outsourcing” .

In both Raul Maffel, outsourcing services delivered by platform provide a great contribution to business, and to automate the processes. “These platforms allow to optimize time and resources for organizations. When technological services it is important that they meet the requirements that the market, which is growing every day and has more demand, “he says.

The future of outsourcing

To that outsourcing has a high value contribution is important to have clear IT strategy aligned to the organization and to be controlled knowing what the milestones of big definitions. Without that this set value is not created, because accorded by the outsourcing alone does not work, but there must be certain components that accompany it.

Today outsourcing is seen as a solution to IT problems, which is why are expected to be many more companies dare to opt for outsourcing services as a tool that facilitates the work of organizations that reduces the operating costs and allow access to greater specialization without having a particular area within the company itself.

In the case of Innovaxxion, Paul says that “in our country the issue of collaboration or working with strategic partners continues to be complex, from the point of view of the articulation of value. As us concerns us as a company related to innovation, there is a lack of it, even the capacity to develop new products quickly and at low cost, there are only a few options for accessing these services. ”

Meanwhile, Pamela Maldonado says that “outsourcing in perspective will grow in the operation because technology moves faster and is very difficult for one to want to incorporate technology, innovate and with the same hands to operate, because it is something that no It gives neither in time nor the budget. “

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