Know IT predictions for 2016 in Latin America

Know IT predictions for 2016 in Latin America

IDC (International Data Corporation) presented its 10 predictions for this year, forecasting a 3.3% growth for this sector in Latin America.

Ricardo Villate, vice president of IDC Latin America, highlighted the challenges that companies are facing in the region with a year of sharp devaluations against the US dollar by almost 15% in Chile and higher figures in other countries. These and other challenges are driving companies to make their operations and processes even more efficient.


It is in this scenario, where according Villate, major technology trends that will impact businesses in the region in the coming years will be:


1. By 2017, one out of every three CEOs of the 3,000 largest companies in the region, will the digital transformation (DX) as the basis of its corporate strategy.


2. According to the IDC study, 26% of CIOs of large companies begin their digital path in 2016. For this year, IDC estimated 5 billion of new IT spending will be driven by initiatives of digital transformation the region.
– First Workload: The workload will be the starting point of infrastructure investment decisions 3rd in the DX Platform was and will involve more than 40% of investments in infrastructure by 2018.
Latin American companies are entering a mode of adoption of the broader and deeper cloud. Investments in Software Defined Everything (SDx) or Software Defined grow more than 50% in 2016.
3. In 2018 more than 40% of business spending IT infrastructure, software, services and technology will be based on cloud solutions, reaching half in 2020.

In 2016, investments in cloud services will grow by 40% to 6 billion dollars in Latin America.


4. In 2016 45% of companies in the region align their IT efforts and business lines, towards a definitive mobility strategy.


5. The designs of computing devices ‘disruptive’ change the way employees create, access and interact with information, with more than 14 million devices ‘hybrid’ sold in 2016 in the region.


6. In 2016, 30% of companies consumer products and retail will invest in third platform technologies to take advantage of the explosion of e-commerce is increasingly growing under the surface economic stagnation in the region.


7. Before the end of 2016, almost half of the companies are implementing strategies Security Next Generation (Next Generation Security or NGS) investing in consulting, technology services and security.


8. During 2016, more than 2/3 of IT project initiatives will be required to demonstrate cost savings, putting the Third Platform open source (Open Source components) in the spotlight.


9. While the Internet of Things (IoT) and ‘crossing the chasm’, ten cases of use in manufacturing, transportation, consumer, government and public services represent more than 80% of spending on IoT of the region in 2016.


10. Until 2018, one third of companies seeking digital transformation, will add design and cognitive skills augmented reality / virtual to their applications.


Although the terms cognitive computing or augmented reality / virtual are still new, in 2016 the companies will start seeing innovative solutions using tools like IBM Watson Analytics, Microsoft HoloLens or Oculus rITF to create tools.

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