Enterprise Architecture: A large map for businesses

Enterprise Architecture: A large map for businesses


By Rodrigo Álvarez, Director at Enterprise Architecture Kibernum

For some it is a process, for others it is a methodology, however as there is consensus is that the Enterprise Architecture occurs within companies continuous improvement based on a general and comprehensive representation of all components of the company. This allows keeping the organizational structure information, aligning processes, data, applications and technology infrastructure.

Recent studies by Gartner and Forrester Research, have pointed out that the needs of markets and organizational competitiveness are a common scenario, where companies are forced to develop initiatives to implement improvements and innovations in their business models aimed at fulfilling strategic objectives and for that Enterprise Architecture is a great ally.

This powerful tool allows a representation of all components of a company, including guidelines or strategic planning, business address, and other components that support the strategic plan.


Reports indicate that it is a business process that supports compliance objectives, clarity allows system-level software to use to respond to these business processes and data that can be generated with those applications. This would allow us to integrate all the parts and see how that information would flow within the company.

With Enterprise Architecture can be mapped from above all goals in four dimensions; business, data, applications and technology. It seeks an alignment of the highest levels with the most basic of the company, because all areas of the company must act in harmony to achieve the objectives set by it, it sounds very logical, very rarely implements.


Different companies in Chile are adopting Enterprise Architecture service, despite being an expensive process from the point of view of managing change as it involves learning to work in teams and generate interaction with all business units of the organization. Often the work is poorly distributed and what the Enterprise Architecture is to unify those compartments of information that often decrease the efficiency of business processes.


Enterprise Architecture establishes a clear traceability between processes, forming a reliable, consistent and useful for areas of management and administration of the organization that can support the definition and implementation of corporate and technological standards model as well as the establishment and monitoring policies.

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