The predictions are becoming a reality today and are shaking the retail business in US now.


Even the stores on solid footing, have scrambled to keep up with the shift in shopping habits triggered by disruptive technologies and new uses of the current mobile technologies.


  • More and new payment solutions most notably EMV cards and mobile payments are irrupting everywhere.
  • New frictionless click-and-collect initiatives are now under implementation or near to launch.
  • On-line and Off-line data unification are now possible by more affordable Big-Data tools.
  • Disruptive frictionless initiatives like the amazon-dash are changing the shopping experience.
  • In-store mobile devices used as mobile cash registers are becoming more usual.
  • A new wave of Mobile-loyalty-programs are replacing the old-style static loyalty plans.


All of those forces are carving out new scenarios in the retail industry, pushing more and more stress over the CIOs dealing with new technologies, new process, improving efficiency with flexibility but at the same time they must to keep the operational costs as low as possible.


At Kibernum we know this is not an easy scenario: next day agile IT teams, ever changing priorities, excessive flexibility, replenishment, and assortment process with even shorter times.


Kibernum is able to accomplish the challenge: more than 1,500 IT professionals, trained in one of the most competitive markets of the world, with IT team in outsourcing, but in the same timezone, and flexible teams are our keys capabilities we have been offered to 81 clients during 10 years.