Our social commitment with Chile

Our Goals

We promote and develop actions that promote mutual gain between business and society.

What do we mean by CSR?

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is a business vision, necessary for sustainability and competitiveness of enterprises, which harmoniously integrates economic development with respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment, throughout the chain value.


We seek to generate shared for both the company and employees, and to its stakeholders and society as a whole value.

Actions and projects


Conectados is an initiative developed since 2012 by Kibernum and aimed at bringing a practical way to young to computing. The initiative was developed through workshops where experimenting with programming and robotics.

Academic excellence scholarships

As a way to promote the study of computer science each year Kibernum delivery 6 grants academic students of computer engineering at the Technical University Federico Santa María excellence. food, materials, residency, enrollment or annual fee career: Through these scholarships to students of scarce resources, benefits are granted.


Neighborhood and Technology Foundation (beetec) aims to change through technology, existing reality in neighborhoods that have been transformed into bedrooms where there is poverty and no economic growth is generated.

From 2014, Kibernum has supported this work, first with the implementation and equipping a classroom oriented deliver technology and then with the development of the first training aimed at neighboring population Saint Adriana tools.

Hour of code

Hour of Code is a global campaign for children complete an hour playing, learning and creating technology. Participating million students in more than 180 countries.

The activity consists of an introduction than an hour to understand the “Computer Programming” easy and entertaining way. It is specially designed for children but can engage people of all ages.

2015 was the first Chilean edition of Time Code Kibernum and since then has supported this movement. www.horadelcodigo.cl/

“Manos y Naturaleza” corporation 

Manos y Naturaleza develops since 1985 a training and educational model in Peñalolén. It works like a, welcoming and entertaining “second home” for children of limited opportunities, those involved in it during their time at school alternative. This model promotes personal, family, social and academic and accompanies them throughout school until they complete college.
Kibernum Corporation supports Hands and Nature since 2012, first working with the construction of roads in their clubhouse Quebrada de Macul and then since collaborated with buying gifts sense. Each Christmas, our company brings to the corporation through the purchase gifts, and thus cooperates with holiday Children Hands and Nature.